Best Solventless Delta 8 Tinctures With Herbs For Heightened Effects

Do you know why tinctures have been used since ancient times for delivering herbal therapeutics?


The reasons might surprise you!


Even if you are a fan of delta 8 and CBD tinctures….


Or have actually never tried tinctures because you like edibles like delta 8 gummies or delta 8 chocolate….


And certainly those are a delicious and effective way to dose hemp derived delta 8, CBD and other cannabinoids….


However, let’s look at some reasons why tinctures have been a preferred delivery method since ancient times…


And how solventless delta 8 herbal tinctures can deliver heightened effects and therapeutic value for your health and ultimate enjoyment!

What Exactly Is a Solventless Delta 8 Tincture?


Hemp-derived tinctures are extractions of the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, typically extracted using a solvent such as ethanol, butane or carbon dioxide (CO2).


However, conscious companies, like 3 Tall Pines Farm of Wisconsin, have gone the extra mile and expense to use a proprietary solventless extraction method, thereby, producing a pure, clean, healthier delta 8 distillate product. This assures that there are no impurities in the tincture and that they deliver optimum effectiveness.



Dosing Tinctures For Fast Delivery


Tinctures have a fast delivery when dosed under the tongue and held for a few minutes before swallowing! This bypasses the first-pass metabolism and facilitates fast absorption of the beneficial compounds into the systemic circulation, using the sublingual blood vessels.


For a slower delivery with extended effects, the tincture can just be swallowed.



The Natural Force of Delta 8 Tinctures With Ancient Herbs


Traditional ancient and folk medicine had herbal tinctures that were considered powerful therapies. Many tinctures were a combination of herbs that worked in synergy to deliver relief from both body and mind discomforts and to enhance mental clarity and focus.


Herbs such as Gingko, Red Ginseng, including lion’s mane mushrooms, are known for their support and boost of cognitive function.


In addition, herbs like Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola and peppermint have properties that support stress relief, as well as boost mood and clarity.


When these powerful botanicals and herbs are blended with the potency of cannabinoids like CBG, CBD and delta 8, their properties can target areas of support for enhanced mental focus, clarity, mood and bodily release.


3 Tall Pines Farm sourced these powerful herbs and crafted Delta 8/CBG/CBD Focus Tincture (3000mg), a mind-boosting herbal blend of hemp derived CBD (500mg), CBG (1500mg), Delta 8 (1000mg), Gingko, Red Ginseng, Lion’s Mane, Peppermint, Ashwagandha and Gotu Kola that effectively promotes focus, clarity, lifted mood and creative energy, along with calming body sensations of release.


This signature blend is also available without delta 8 THC. Our CBG/CBD-Focus Tincture (3000mg) is perfect for those that like the euphoria dialed down! 


Let’s Talk About Herbs For Sleep Support!


For centuries it has been known that herbs like catnip, chamomile and valerian root have properties that support sleep and promote release of mental and bodily tensions that often prevent sleep!


3 Tall Pines Delta 8/CBD/CBN Sleep Tincture (3000mg) blends these helpful botanical extracts with the hemp-derived cannabinoids CBD (1500mg), CBN (500mg) and delta 8 (1000mg) into a calming herbal tincture for sleep.


The synergistic properties of these compounds target the mind-body mechanisms that promote deep relaxation along with supporting a natural sleep-wake cycle.


This highly effective herbal sleep blend is also available without delta 8 THC.


CBD/CBN Sleep Tincture (3000mg) with 2500mg CBD and 500mg of CBN is perfect for those that prefer to skip the delta 8 experience and enjoy the calming effects of potent concentrations of CBD and CBN plus renowned, calm inducing herbs!

Cannabinoids and Herbs For Immunity!


For an immune system-boosting herbal tincture with 6 herbal extracts, 3 Tall Pines Farm of Wisconsin has crafted a signature blend of the most recognized immune support herbs, along with CBD, CBG and delta 8 cannabinoids.


Our Delta 8/CBD/CBG Immunity Tincture (3000mg), is bursting with the immune system strengthening botanicals; rosehips, mullein leaf, elderberry, nettle leaf, ginger and licorice root.


The synergy of these botanicals combined with CBD (1000mg), CBG (1000mg) and delta 8 (1000mg) boosts up the natural functions of the immune system that helps keep the body strong, calm, balanced and ready to take on the storms of life!


This tincture is also available without delta 8 in our CBD/CBG Immunity Tincture (3000mg) with 1500mg of CBD, 1500mg of CBG and the 6 most effective immune boosting extracts.


Remember the old, yet still true statement, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Well, in Benjamin Franklin’s day, herbal tinctures were one of the most common forms of therapeutics. And who knows, there just might have been some hemp extract in there too!


After all, Benjamin Franklin, among other founding fathers, not only spoke highly of the plant; they also were an important part of the creation of the hemp industry!


Happily, the hemp industry is back and 3 Tall Pines Farm is dedicated to bringing the highest quality, craft hemp, solventless tinctures with nature’s powerhouse herbs to help you live a chemically free life, brimming with vitality!


Check out our full collection of hemp-derived, solventless Delta 8 tinctures and other cannabinoid blends!


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