About Us- 3 Tall Pines

Take Care of the Land and It Will Take Care of You”

Stewards of the land, 3 Tall Pines is a community effort.
Our homegrown products start as seeds on our Wisconsin hemp farm.
Hemp processors aiming to create a supportive ecosystem, we use regenerative growing practices such as living soil, crop rotation, and zero pesticides or harmful toxins.

Our holistic small-batch approach is community driven to deliver you the highest quality craft hemp derived products.

We personally oversee every part of the process from planting to the products that reach your hands.

Our team is guided by over 25 years of cultivation experience, passion for regenerative agriculture, and Native American roots.

Small farmers with BIG dreams, 3 Tall Pines is possible thanks to people like YOU!
Hearing your stories of how these products have changed your life and seeing the smiles on your face are priceless.

Taking care of the land and taking care of people is why we do what we do!
Your support for craft hemp and sustainable farming is making this world a greener place.


Craig & Jenn


Wisconsin Public Radio - 3 Tall Pines

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