How to Use Delta 8: A Guide for Beginners

Are you eager to try Delta 8?

You’re not alone!

This cannabinoid is proving to be a game changerMany people find that they feel clearer and calmer with Delta 8.

And that’s just the beginning!

Research reveals delta 8 THC may provide incredible potential health benefits.

So what’s the deal?

We break down what the science shows about delta 8 and what you need to know.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is actually a variation of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.


It is not the same as Delta 9, the main cannabinoid associated with marijuana’s psychoactive effects.

What’s the difference?

To understand, we need to look at things on a molecular level.

Both Delta 8 and Delta 9 have double bonds. What makes them unique is where these bonds are located.


Delta 8 is located on the eighth carbon chain. Delta 9, on the other hand, is located on the ninth carbon chain. While this might not seem like a big change, it leads to drastically different outcomes.

Our personal experiences along with anecdotal evidence suggest D8 offers a more mild version of a Delta 9 THC (AKA marijuana) high, helping you stay focused and uplifted.

Delta 8 From Hemp and Cannabis

If Delta 8 is THC, is it legal?

Yes, in most states this is the case so long as it is derived from hemp and not cannabis.

The 2018 Farm Bill paved the way for a legal hemp market.

Delta 8 derived from hemp plants with 0.3% THC is federally legal thanks to this bill.

That being said:

If the Delta 8 is derived from cannabis and contains over the legal THC content, it is NOT legal.

How Should I Take Delta 8?

You know you WANT to take Delta 8, right?

The tougher question is, where to start first. There are many different types of D8 products available. Some of the most popular options are:

Delta 8 Vapes

Delta 8 Moonrocks

Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

Which option is best?

This depends on your needs along with your personal preferences. Each type of Delta 8 product offers certain advantages. For example, you might find that if you’re looking for something discreet, a vape is a great choice.

On the other hand, if you are searching for something stronger, Delta 8 THC moonrocks are a good option.

The key is to see what works for you.

What’s the Right Dose?

There are two main things to consider when dosing Delta 8, your tolerance level and total cannabinoid content.

As with any new product you’re introducing into your lifestyle:

Start slow and increase your dosage as necessary. You may find you may need more or less Delta 8 than you think.

Pay close attention to the suggested serving size.

How many milligrams are you getting per dose?

Starting out, we recommend recording how much D8 you’re taking and how you’re feeling.

This will help you better understand what works best for you.

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