What Are The Benefits And Effects Of THCv? Is It Really A Diet Cannabinoid?

In the hemp space, it seems that ‘new’ beneficial cannabinoids are popping onto the scene that was once occupied primarily by CBD, THC and CBG.


One of the more recent cannabinoids that is receiving a lot of attention is THCv.


There are many claims being made about this minor cannabinoid’s benefits that include appetite suppression.


Is it true or is it hype?

What are the benefits and effects of THCv and is it really a diet cannabinoid?


Keep reading to find answers to the questions…



What Is THCv?


THCv is one of the over 100 + cannabinoids found in the hemp variety of cannabis sativa. It is considered a ‘minor’ cannabinoid due to its naturally limited concentration in the plant.


THCv is an analog (a variant form of a single cannabinoid molecule), which in this case, is the varin version. Some varin versions of cannabinoids produce different effects than their neutral siblings, as in the case of THC (the neutral form) being an appetite stimulant and THCv (the varin form) having an appetite suppression effect.


However, in terms of THCv being a ‘diet cannabinoid’, the research is still undecided on that! We will explore a bit more on that further in this article. Regardless, there are many other claims of THCv benefits that are from both scientific research and anecdotal evidence.


What are The Benefits And Effects Of THCv?


The first question most people ask about THCv is, will it get you high, like its neutral form THC?


The short answer is, THCv is only psychoactive on its own if you take it in very large amounts, and a normal dose should not get you high. However, THCv users do report that they feel clear headed with a stimulating effect when taken in normal doses.


Also, THCv is most commonly combined with other cannabinoids like delta 9 THC or delta 8 THC that will produce euphoria or psychoactivity.


Innovate THCv products like 3 Tall Pines Solventless Stargazer Live Resin 1g Cartridges offer a cannabinoid rich blend of delta 8 THC, THCv, CBG, CBD, CBN and a small amount of delta 9 THC, that delivers a functional psychoactivity along with a multitude of other mind-body benefits.


THCv alone has shown promise, in scientific studies and research, to have potential benefits for helping with many areas of health and well-being.


And when it comes to THCv for weight loss or appetite control there are ongoing scientific studies on animals that indicate THCv as a potential treatment for obesity.  

So, the science is still looking at THCv for weight loss, with no current conclusions.  However, there are many other potential health and wellness benefits of this cannabinoid, especially in THCv products containing other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that make it more than worth a try!


Choosing The Best THCv Products That Are Right For You


Whether you like to vape, smoke flower or prefer edibles, 3 Tall Pines of Wisconsin has a collection of premium THCv products to choose from.


If you want an easy to dose edible crafted with a 20mg blend of hemp derived Delta 8 THC and Delta 8 THCv distillate per dose, try our delicious Lemon Drop THCv TabEASE- 25 pack, totaling 500mg per package. 


Or if you are looking to indulge in a high end THCv chocolate combined with Delta 8, THCv CBG and CBD to get you going strong, try our Sativa- Rise N Grind Chocolate Bar


This exceptional bar is crafted with our signature blend of farm fresh Wisconsin hemp and pure chocolate, infused with Mushroom Medley, Ryan’s Toast Coffee Beans, Fine Dark Chocolate and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This bar is loaded with 750 mg of Delta 8, THCv, CBG & CBDa including 10,000mg of mushrooms & 20 mg of caffeine per bar. This delicious chocolate bar puts a new spin on ‘wake and bake’!


If you are a fan of smoking flower, chill out with our THCV – Infused CBDv Flower – Strawberry Shortcake (Indica) or get a lift with our THCv – Infused CBDv Flower – Waffle OG (Hybrid) with Delta 8, THCv, CBG, CBN and strain specific terpenes. Our farm fresh craft flower collection is becoming legend with our growing toking community!


These are just a few of our superior THCv products that you can explore to find the ones that are right for you!


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