Best CBD and Delta-8 Edibles For Lasting Effects

Love those CBD and Delta 8 gummies?


Did you know that gummies are just one of the fun, effective and deliciously edible ways to enjoy Delta 8 and CBD?


In fact, there is a whole new world of CBD and Delta 8 edible products to explore.


Feeling adventuresome?


Check out the best best CBD and delta 8 edibles for lasting effects:



The Powerfully Sweet Effects of Delta 8 Chocolate   


The properties of both chocolate and cannabinoid rich Delta 8 delivers multiple health benefits, including for your brain.


Chocolate contains the phytochemical, Phenylethylamine that stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine from the brain, which creates feelings of pleasure and motivation.


Chocolate also boosts endorphin production, the feel good hormone that induces relaxed, euphoric feelings.


Chocolate, from cacao, contains anandamide, the ‘bliss molecule’ neurotransmitter that is synthesized in the areas of the brain responsible for motivation, higher thought processes and pleasure. 


The anandamide in chocolate also interacts with the same endocannabinoids in the brain as Delta 8 THC, stimulating similar effects, yet in different ways.


The combination of the many mood-enhancing properties of chocolate along with the Delta8 8 THC effects of uplifting, motivating, clear-headed focus makes Delta 8 Chocolate ’brain food’ ambrosia!


3 Tall Pines Farm specializes in premium Delta 8 Chocolate crafted by their 4th generation chocolatier partner, that hasn’t changed their exceptional recipe since 1876. Our high-end chocolate is infused with our Wisconsin farm fresh, full spectrum Delta 8 distillate and is brimming with cannabinoids and terpenes.


All flavors in our chocolate are naturally extracted flavorings like Ancho chilies, Raspberries and Blood Orange for a naturally pure flavor sensation. 


3 Tall Pines offers a variety of extraordinary chocolate bars, like our best selling Delta 8 Chocolate Truffle Bar with a full spectrum cannabinoid and terpene profile. All 3 Tall Pines Chocolate Bars deliver a powerhouse of delicious benefits that provide long lasting effects. A little goes a long way and effects usually last for several hours, depending on the individual. 


3 Tall Pines has also innovated chocolate novelty favorites like Delta 8 and CBD Peanut Butter Cups for a salty sweet edible taste. Don’t be fooled, these are potent candy!


And for another candy treat you might want to try our creamy hand crafted Delta 8 Caramel Bites with 30 mg of Delta 8 per serving! These are individually wrapped, high quality, sumptuous buttery caramel bites that get all of your senses going strong!


Time To Enjoy A Delta 8 Adult Beverage!


Get ready for happy hour any time of the day or night with an effervescent Delta 8 Infused Seltzer that is the ultimate non-alcoholic adult beverage.


Our Delta 8 Seltzer is brewed locally with our Plymouth Brewing Company partners in Wisconsin. We have infused this seltzer with Delta 8 THC along with two powerful ancient natural healing herbs, Ashwagandha root and Rhodiola that uplift, relax, increase stamina and decrease stress.


This savory fizzy brew has an all-natural cherry pie flavor that is great alone or on the rocks with a twist.


Get social or kick back with Delta 8 Cherry Pie Seltzer and experience the long lasting vibrant effects of this special libation.


All 3 Tall Pines Farm edibles are crafted with the finest natural ingredients that support optimum health and well being!


Check out our full collection of Delta 8, CBD, CBG, and CBN edibles that offer the best tasting, long lasting effects for your healthful enjoyment! 


Contact us if you have any questions or want recommendations. Our team would be happy to help you choose Delta 8 edibles that might work best for you!

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