5 Surprising Effects of Delta 8 Infused Flower

 Do you enjoy smoking or dry vaping CBD flower?


Have you tried Delta-8 infused CBD or CBG flower?


If you are a fan of the effects and benefits of CBD & CBG flower you might want to consider checking out these 5 surprising effects of Delta 8 infused flower!


Delta 8 Infuses More Power To The Flower


Delta-8 THC has the many health and wellness benefits, including the psychoactive effects, of Delta-9 THC found in traditional cannabis, without the unwanted brain fog, and over the top high!


Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is slightly different than Delta 9 THC on the molecular level. This slight difference makes a big difference in the ‘high’ that is experienced. Delta-8 is much milder, with calming, uplifting and clear-headed motivating effects.


Delta 8 enhances the wellness properties of both CBD and CBG flower.

High quality, farm fresh Delta-8 Infused Flower from homegrown farmers like 3 Tall Pines is lovingly crafted to provide the ultimate, beneficial cannabinoid synergistic support for both mind and body! 



Delta 8 Infused CBD Flower For Promoting A Deep Relaxation


Delta 8 infused CBD flower offers a deep sense of calm and full body relaxation. CBD + Delta 8 supports muscle tension release through the calming cannabinoid properties of both CBD and Delta 8.


The mild psychoactive effects of Delta 8 promote many benefits of mental tension release through mood elevation, increased mental clarity, focus and other types of brain function support.


A hybrid strain such as Delta 8 Infused Cheap Sunglasses CBD Flower from 3 Tall Pines is the perfect synergy of cannabinoids that offer deep body relaxation coupled with an uplifting high for fully functional release.


‘The Queen’ Cannabinoid CBG + Delta-8 Gets You In A Royal Mood


CBG is often referred to as ‘the queen’ cannabinoid. CBGa, the acidic form, known as ‘the mother’, is the precursor for the major cannabinoid precursors including CBGa, CBDa and THCa which, when exposed to the environmental elements (UV light, heat & oxygen), biosynthesize into CBD, THC and CBG.


CBG is non-psychoactive yet it interacts directly with the body’s biological systems that regulate mood, pain response, stress response and more.


Delta-8 Infused CBG Sour Alien Flower from 3 Tall Pines offers the many mood elevating, stress reducing and discomfort release properties of both CBG and Delta-8 THC. This is a powerful cannabinoid synergy that helps keep you in a royal mood!



The Different Effects Of Delta 8 CBD & CBG Strains


Are you looking to feel chilled out with full body tension release and an elated mood? 


Or do you want to feel energized, motivated and expanded?


Selecting different Delta-8 flower strains can help customize your experience.


The beauty of various flower strains is that each strain delivers unique concentrations and ratios of cannabinoids and terpene profiles that deliver different flavors, aromas and effects.


3 Tall Pines CBD & CBG Delta-8 Pre-Rolls offer an assorted selection of sativa, indica and hybrid strains that are crafted to suit your preferences.


Delta 8 Flower Purity and Delivery


Delta-8 infused hemp flower is the most natural form of enjoying the myriad of beneficial wellness properties that this plant has to offer. The flower is the purest and most potent part of the hemp plant. 


Smoking or dry vaping Delta 8 flower provides a fast delivery of effects and also allows you to easily monitor the best dose for your needs.


Due to the potency of Delta 8 flower it is important for you to start low and slow in the beginning and then wait for a while to see how you feel.


Depending on the strain, effects can sometimes creep up slowly and therefore you need to gauge what dosage works best for you!


3 Tall Pines is dedicated to crafting only the finest Delta 8 flower with regenerative growing practices such as living soil, crop rotation and zero pesticides and harmful toxins. We are passionate about your enhanced health and well being.


Explore our premium quality collection of Delta 8 Infused Flower and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or strain recommendations.


Our team is always ready to help you have your best Delta-8 Infused Flower experience!

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