Top 10 Delta-8 Products To Celebrate 4/20

 It’s that time again! 4/20 is that ‘unofficial holiday’, celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts, which started in the 1970’s California weed culture.


It had its beginnings as the time of day (4:20) to light up after school was out and then morphed into an annual day of high celebration!


So, since April 20th is on the horizon, let’s take a look at the 10 top Delta-8 products to celebrate 4/20 with some awesome legal Delta-8 THC!


1.) Getting Lit on 4/20 With Premium Delta-8 Flower


Number one of the top 10 list has to be Delta-8 Flower! Delta-8 bud joints are the classic fast and preferred delivery method of CBD weed culture aficionados.


So, whether you want to roll your own dank premium high-energy sativa Delta-8 Sour Alien Infused Moonrocks for a celestial journey, or float in deep relaxing nirvana with an indica Delta-8 Infused CBD Stardawg Guava Flower, 3 Tall Pines Farms has you on board for potency, purity and elevated D8 flower excellence.


2.) 4/20 Delta-8 Smoking On The Go


No time to roll? 3 Tall Pines Pre-Rolls are ready for fire! Enjoy a Delta-8 King Caviar Pre-Roll with CBG kief for a luxurious toke or choose from an assortment of Delta-8 + CBD or CBG Pre-Rolls in various strains for out on the town celebrating.



3.) Vape Delta-8 For Fast Effects Without The Smoke


Vaping Delta-8 gives you the terpene rich inhale exhale experience and rapid effects without the smoke.


3 Tall Pines Farm Solventless Delta-8 Vape Cartridges give you an, all-natural, portable clean and neat vape cartridge without cutting agents, pesticides or heavy metals! Terpene rich Solventless Delta-8 Vape Cartridges bring enhanced flavor, Delta-8 euphoric effects along with a ‘let’s get social and party’ energy!


Choose the sativa, indica and hybrid strain Delta-8 Cartridges that suit your mood!!!


4.) Rock Disposable Delta-8 Vapes On The Go


3 Tall Pines Farm Delta-8 Disposable Vapes deliver a perfect blend of hemp-derived Delta-8 and strain specific terpenes to give you a functional, uplifting and calming Delta-8 energy for out and about 4/20 celebrating!


5.) Yummy Delta-8 Chocolate Bars Loaded With A Full Spectrum Of Cannabinoid Effects


Indulge in delicious Delta-8 Infused Chocolate Bars that are loaded with synergistic cannabinoid benefits from CBGa, CBG, CBDa, CBD CBC, THCa, THC and more!


3 Tall Pines sumptuous Delta-8 Truffle Chocolate Bar delivers delta-8 elevated liveliness and deep body relaxation! This melt in your mouth high-end, connoisseur dark chocolate truffle raises the bar on Delta-8 bliss! 


6.) Delta-8 Gummies For Longer Lasting Effects


Feel full body relaxation, a pleasantly altered state of perception, uplifted and energized motivation with a varied collection of 3 Tall Pines Delta-8 Gummies. A delicious way to feel the Delta-8 effects stretched out over a few hours so you can party on!



7.) Delta-8 Tablets For Easy 4/20 Dosing


3 Tall Pines TabEASE Tablets deliver potent Delta-8 effects in a refreshing burst of 3 flavors when you just want to freshen your breath and have a ‘no worries, just happy’ feeling!


8.) Pop A Tall Boy Delta-8 Seltzer For A Non-Alcoholic Buzz


3 Tall Pines Cherry Pie Delta-8 Seltzer is a delicious, healthful non-alcoholic adult beverage that is bubbling with Delta-8 spirit, giving a psychoactive effervescent buzz to your 4/20 celebration! Go ahead, pop a Cherry Pie Delta-8 tall boy and get ready to join the fun!



9.) Have a Purely Potent 4/20 Celebration With Delta-8 Concentrates


The Delta-8 Distillate Dish Concentrates from 3 Tall Pines are a fast acting form of delta-8 with 97% distillate and 3% terpenes. Potent and pure are the hallmarks of these superior concentrates for your dabbing pleasure!


Choose from a wide variety of sativa, indica and hybrid strains that offer up an unsurpassed Delta-8 exhilaration along with feel-good body sensations and relaxation!


10.) Choose Fast Or Slow Delivery With Delta-8 Tincture


Delta-8 Tinctures are the perfect choice for either a fast or slower delivery of Delta-8 bliss! Drop it under your tongue for a fast acting dose or swallow it for a slower, prolonged delivery of effects!


3 Tall Pines has a selection of Delta-8 Tincture concentrations that also have the benefits of other powerful cannabinoids like CBD, CBN and CBG!

Find your perfect Delta-8 Tincture and power up your 4/20 party spirit!


The 3 Tall Pines Farm Team invites you to take a trip around our store to explore our pure, farm fresh Delta-8 products that are crafted for the ultimate in purity, healthful wellness and awesome beneficial effects!


Have a Happy 4/20!  Keep your vibe lifted!

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