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When it comes to delta 8 availability in Wisconsin, you might have some questions, such as:



Can you buy delta 8 in smoke shops and CBD stores in Wisconsin?



Where can I buy premium solventless delta 8 products in Wisconsin?



Can I buy high quality solventless delta 8 online in Wisconsin?



Here’s the scoop on what you need to know about buying premium solventless delta 8 in Wisconsin!

Is Delta 8 Legal in Wisconsin?


Hemp-derived delta 8 (with not more than 0.3% THC by dry weight) is federally legal under the Controlled Substances Act. States have various regulations with respect to their adoption of the 2018 Farm Bill

(Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018) and have placed some state and county restrictions on delta 8.


Wisconsin was the nation’s leading producer of hemp in the 1940s until the 1970s when hemp became federally classified as a Schedule 1 drug and therefore, illegal.


With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, Wisconsin state lawmakers aligned with making hemp and its derivatives legal.


Although delta 8 is legal in Wisconsin, it must be compliant with state laws and the federal industrial hemp program. 


Can You Buy Delta 8 in Smoke Shops and CBD stores in Wisconsin?


Hemp-derived delta 8 Wisconsin products can be purchased in smoke shops and CBD stores in the state of Wisconsin. Delta 8 products are also available in many vape shops, local dispensaries and often in gas stations as well as convenience stores.


However, it is important to note that delta 8 products found in gas stations and convenience stores are often of inferior quality and the source, cannabinoid profile and Certificate of Analysis (COA) of the delta 8 products are not usually available.


This means that you have no way of knowing the quality and purity of the delta 8 or if the product has been third party lab tested for containments.


Premium quality delta 8 products will always be 3rd party lab tested and have a COA available for customer quality assurance. Buyers beware!


Where Can I Buy Premium Quality Solventless Delta 8 Products In Wisconsin?

The highest quality delta 8 products are available in smoke shops, CBD stores and dispensaries that carry premium solventless extracted delta 8 brands.


Craft hemp farmers like 3 Tall Pines Farm of Wisconsin are dedicated to growing the finest homegrown hemp, only using regenerative growing practices with zero pesticides or harmful toxins.


3 Tall Pines Farm also has a proprietary solventless reaction extraction process that produces their delta 8 distillate that provides the ultimate in healthful purity, consistency and effectiveness in all of their delta 8 products. All products are also 3rd party lab tested for quality and purity.


3 Tall Pines Farm Delta 8 products are a leading Wisconsin hemp-derived products brand that can be found in smoke shops, CBD stores and dispensaries throughout the state, as well as online.


Can I Buy High Quality Solventless Delta 8 Online In Wisconsin? 

Purchasing Solventless delta 8 online is one of the best ways to assure transparency of a brand’s product quality.


Premium quality hemp brands, like 3 Tall Pines Farm of Wisconsin, post the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each of their hemp-derived delta 8 products in their online store.


The 3rd party tested COAs show the results of contaminant testing as well as the cannabinoid profile that discloses the concentration of cannabinoids in each product.


Even if you are purchasing 3 Tall Pines delta 8 products form your local smoke shop or CBD store, you can go to the website and check the COAs for the products you choose to buy!


For instance, if you are looking to purchase delta 8 gummies, like our powerful new Delta 8/Delta9/ Delta9o Peek-a-Boo Chews – Cranberry and Grape Gummies (150mg per chew), you will find the full panel COA disclosure of cannabinoids and lab test on the 3 Tall Pines Farm website.


3 Tall Pines has premium collections of delta 8 edibles, chocolate, gummies, vape cartridges & disposables, tinctures, concentrates, flower and more!


Go ahead and explore the 3 Tall Pines online store to discover where you can buy the best Solventless Delta 8 in Wisconsin!


For recommendations or questions about the best delta 8 products for you, just contact the 3 Tall Pines Team, they are always happy to help!


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