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Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Chocolate for your special someone?


Why be ordinary when you can gift extraordinarily sumptuous, premium, fine chocolate Delta 8 delicacies that promise to delight?


Keep reading to find out where to buy the finest Delta 8 chocolate online that is sure to ignite your Valentine!


Hand Crafted Premium Delta 8 Chocolate Bars From Wisconsin


3 Tall Pines Farm of Wisconsin has crafted the quintessence of Delta 8 chocolate bars and other chocolate treats that are quickly becoming legend in the industry.


These premium Delta 8 chocolate bars and chocolate cups are hand crafted from our 4th generation chocolatier that hasn’t changed their exceptional chocolate recipe since 1876!


Folded into this rich creamy chocolate are 3 Tall Pines pure & potent, farm fresh, solventless Delta 8 distillate, along with an entourage of other cannabinoids and all natural ingredients.


Niche Delta 8 Chocolate Favorites Get The Valentine Love Vibes Going!


Our Delta 8- Truffle Chocolate Bar is the cult favorite from our collection.


Crafted with a blend of 70% dark chocolate and 30% bittersweet chocolate, paired with naturally expressed flavors of Ancho Chile, raspberry reduction & blood orange, then smoothed with organic coconut oil and a dash of Himalayan salt finish, that gives this truffle bar a buttery, melt in your mouth taste and feel!


But wait!

Then we have infused this truffle bar with our full spectrum, hemp derived Delta 8 distillate that delivers 250mg of pure, solventless extracted, delta 8, along with an entourage of CBGa, CBG, CBDa, CBD, CBC, CBN, THCa, THC cannabinoids and more.


This potent truffle is available in 250mg and 500mg 10 serving bars.


It is recommended to start slow with a half square serving, and then wait for at least a half hour to see how you feel, before dosing more. Remember, this is potent! Less is sometimes more! This one promises to delight!


For a heavenly taste sensation, our Delta 8 – 7 Layer Chocolate Bar is oozing with delicious tastes and feels!


This dreamy bar is layered up with butterscotch, fine milk chocolate, graham cracker, coconut and walnuts and infused with our Delta 8 distillate that lifts you up and expands your mind to higher realms!


For white chocolate fans, our Delta 8 – Chunky Cherry Crunch Chocolate Bar is lovingly crafted with fine white chocolate, locally sourced chunky cherries and buttery pretzels that give it a satisfying crunch! All this goodness is then infused with our farm fresh, Delta 8 distillate!


You can choose from 500mg or 2500mg D8 per 10 serving bars!

Let this yummy chocolate bar be the cherry on top of your Valentine’s Day! 

When Valentine’s Day Joy Is A Box of Chocolates!


Is there anything better than a box of hand crafted delicious Delta 8/Delta 9 chocolates for your Valentine? 


3 Tall Pines Farm has crafted two deliciously unique boxes of 12 chocolates, each box containing 4 different tantalizing varieties of individual chocolate cups!  


If your Valentine is a classic peanut butter cup fan, consider a gift of our iconic Deez Honey Roasted Delta 8 – Peanut Butter Cups (30mg)!


Our individually wrapped Delta 8 Peanut Butter Cups are an infusion of an entourage blend of Delta 8, Delta 10, CBDa, CBGa & CBD folded into fine chocolate, hemp infused sweet cream, peanuts and other natural ingredients that deliver energizing creativity, elevated mood and blissful relaxation, all wrapped up in classic peanut butter cup deliciousness!


Select from 2 Pack, 4 Pack, 9 Pack and 50 Pack Tubs that provide 30mg Delta 8 Per PB cup!


3 Tall Pines has an extensive collection of Delta 8, Delta 9 & Delta 9o Chocolate Bars.


Order your Valentine 3 Tall Pines Fine Delta 8 Chocolate online today!


Contact us for recommendations or questions about the best Delta 8 Chocolate products that fit your needs. We are excited to help you and your loved ones ‘Have A Happy Valentines Day’ and beyond!


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