Delta 8 Concentrates: Benefits, Effects and Usage

If you have never tried delta 8 concentrates, you might have some questions.


Like, what exactly are delta 8 concentrates?


How do I use them and what effects should I expect?


Do delta 8 concentrates have the benefits that I am looking for?


Keep reading to find out what you need to know about the benefits, effects and usage of delta 8 concentrates.


Are Delta 8 Concentrates Right For Me?


Concentrates made from solventless reacted delta 8-distillate are the cleanest, purest, most potent form of Delta 8.


Delta 8 distillate dish concentrates are perfect for users that are looking for the highest level of delta 8 concentration to dab, vape or add to joints.


On the other hand, if you are new to using delta 8, you might want to start with a milder blend of concentration in a vape cartridge like Delta 8 Moonrock 1 g (Sativa) Cartridges or Delta 8 Disposable Vapes.


Once you have experienced the wonderful delta 8 uplifting, calm energy, and feel like you might want to level up, then the top tier are Delta 8 Distillate Dish Concentrates. However, remember, they are very potent, so start low and slow, wait an hour or more before considering increasing dosage.


Ways To Use Delta 8 Distillate Dish Concentrates


Delta 8 concentrates can be used in many ways. Dabbing is by far the most popular way to enjoy delta 8 distillate concentrates. If you are not familiar with dabbing, here is a simple breakdown.


Dab rigs look similar to a bong or bubbler, except they are usually smaller and are designed to vaporize concentrates. Instead of having a bowl to pack flower in, they have a type of pin in the pipe called a nail.


First you heat the nail VERY HOT with a dab torch (relatively inexpensive & sold in most smoke shops).


Next, you take a small amount of delta 8 concentrate out of your favorite distillate dish with a dab tool (also inexpensive in smoke shops or online) and place it on the hot nail, hit the pipe, inhale the vapor and enjoy the ride!


Another popular way to experience delta 8 concentrates that is a little milder than dabbing is to add the concentrate inside a joint of your favorite hemp flower. Do remember that you are taking your joint to the next level with delta 8 concentrate, so take it slow!


Strains, Benefits and Effects of Delta 8 Concentrates


Solventless Delta 8 Concentrates from 3 Tall Pines are 97% distillate and 3% strain specific terpenes that offer the benefit of pure, potent, fast acting effects. 


People report a sense of elevated euphoria, motivation, clarity and creativity along with deep body relaxation with various other feel good effects, depending on the strain.


For a variety of 13 terpene flavors and feels from indica, sativa and hybrid strains to choose from, our 3 Tall Pines 2g Delta 8 Distillate Dish is the perfect concentrate to blast off your dabbing adventure!


Or if you are looking for deep relaxation with elevated mind expansion, try our hybrid Delta 8 Stargazer 2g Distillate with CBG + CBN that delivers rich terpene flavors and cannabinoid enhancement to your Delta 8 venture! Just a little dab will do ya for a fast cosmic lift!


Go ahead and explore 3 Tall Pines Delta 8 Distillate Dish collections for the best farm fresh solventless Delta 8 Concentrates under the stars!



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