Quick Guide To Priming and Using A Solventless Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

You have received your new solventless delta 8-vape cartridge and you are excited to try it!

Perhaps you are new to vaping or even if you have vaped before…

There are simple steps to assure you have the best vaping experience.

Here is a quick guide to priming and using your new delta 8 vape cartridge for maximum enjoyment!


Unpackaged And Ready To Prime


Take the cart out of its packaging and remove the rubber covers from the mouthpiece and also the one at the base of the coil.


Once these pieces are removed, the oil blend should seep into the bottom of chamber and surround the coil.


Then the cart should be ready to prime.


Does Your Cartridge Look Short Filled?


Many people look at their cartridge and think it is short filled. Actually, it is not and that appearance is a good thing.


When the cartridge is filled, oil rests in the reservoir and slowly seeps through the oil flow ports and into the ceramic core. The ceramic core on our vaporizer cartridges functions as a safeguard to direct contact of the heating coil.


Ceramic cartridges host a larger space for distillate to prime into.

Without this initial priming you will get a dry and undesirable hit. So, when it looks low, it is because it is 100% primed and ready for the most desirable vapor draw.


Our ‘neat & clean’ ceramic cartridges will provide you with the healthiest and most flavorful vaping experience.

How To Prime Your Cartridge

Without your cart being attached to the battery, take around 5 to 8 inhales, or dry hits. There should be no vapor, only air, in the chamber. Just keep pulling the air through the chamber and into your mouth.


Then just rub your cart quickly between the palms of your hand to loosen the oil.


If it appears that the oil is remaining above the chamber, just repeat the process until the oil appears in the lower chamber. 


Take the few minutes required to prime your vape, it is essential to prepping your new cart for use, as well as preventing any clogging in the future.


Connecting The Battery and Preheating


Once your cart has been primed, you will need to preheat the oil. This can be done by hand or by connecting it to a battery.


Preheating With A Battery


Use only a fully charged 510-threaded battery with your cart. The bottom of the cartridge is threaded. Screw in the cartridge into the top of the 510 battery. Do NOT over tighten; only tighten until you feel resistance.


Once you have the battery in place, turn it on and adjust the heat setting so it stays between 2.8v and 3.2v. Maintaining this heat range will protect your wick and Delta 8 oil from burning.


Most batteries have a pre-heat setting which can be activated by pressing the button 2 or 3 times. If it does not have a pre-heat button you will need to preheat by hand.


Preheating Your Vape Cartridge By Hand


You can preheat the oil in your cartridge by gently rubbing the cart between your palms. Another option is to use a blow dryer on low heat. Make sure you keep the dryer around eight inches from the cart as you carefully move the dryer up and down the cart.


Once the oil is preheated, you are ready to enjoy your Delta 8 Vape Cartridge!



Time To Take A Delicious Hit Of Your Delta 8 Vape


You simply hold the button on your battery for 1-3 seconds while you are inhaling. If your 510-thread battery is breath activated you should feel the flow of the vapor as you inhale.


By keeping each hit on the vapor under 3 seconds, you will preserve the lifespan of the cart. Of course, you can take as many hits as you would like until you feel your desired effects.


If it is your first time vaping delta 8, make sure you start slow, take a couple of hits and wait awhile to see how you feel before taking more.



Following Up Your Vaping Session


In order to keep your vape cartridge from clogging for future vaping sessions, follow up with a dry hit. Just inhale for several seconds without the heat.


The cool air will help clear out any vapor that is left so that it doesn’t condense along the walls of the mouthpiece, which will prevent clogging.

Tips For Storing Your Vape Cartridge


To keep your cart functioning properly and effective, simply do the following:


Store upright to prevent leaking and to maintain the oil in the chamber.


Keep your cart at a room temperature between 68-72 degrees to preserve potency and effectiveness.


Store your Delta 8 Cartridge away from direct sunlight to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes!


Quality Assurance


All of our ceramic vape cartridges are made in the USA of the highest quality materials!


Our vape cartridges are crafted from the finest solventless Delta 8 distillate or Live Resin.



If you have any questions or need assistance with priming and using your Delta 8 Cartridges, contact us!


Our team is always happy to help you!


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