What Are The Differences In Effects Of Delta 8 Concentrates VS Flower?

There are many delivery methods of Delta 8 THC.


Perhaps you have mostly tried edibles, like delta 8 gummies, chocolate bars or beverages, like delta 8 seltzer.


However, when it comes to smoking or vaping delta 8 concentrates or flower, many D8 aficionados claim they experience the ultimate and most desirable effects.


If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of delta 8 concentrates or flower and are questioning if either one, or both, are right for you……


Keep reading to find out the differences in effects of delta 8 concentrates and flower and why you just might want to give them a try!


The #1 Difference In Effects Of Delta 8 Concentrates & Flower



Straight up, the number one difference of delta 8 concentrates and flower is potency.


Although Delta 8 Flower definitely delivers fast and potent effects, concentrates like Delta 8 Distillate Dishes deliver the highest level of potency!


Also, when it comes to delta 8 concentrates, the purest, most powerful effects come with concentrates from companies like 3 Tall Pines of Wisconsin, which are crafted with their proprietary solventless reaction delta 8 distillate.


Solventless reaction distillate is free of chemicals and residue that is present in most typical concentrates, therefore delivering the cleanest, most healthful optimum effects.


Smoking Delta 8 Flower VS Vaping Solventless Concentrates


Delta 8 infused flower offers an entourage of cannabinoid benefits. CBD or CBG hemp flower that is infused with delta 8 THC provides the raw, unprocessed, wonderful cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds that are naturally specific to each flower strain.


For instance, the euphoric, calming, mental clarity effects of delta 8 in combination with the mood elevating, stress and discomfort release of CBG in cultivars like Sour Alien Delta 8 Infused CBG Flower (Sativa) delivers a mind expanding, focused motivation along with deep relaxation.


However, if you prefer not to intake smoke, you can enjoy the same effects with our clean and pure, solventless reaction distillate crafted Moonrock Delta 8 Cartridges that are blended with the perfect amount of Delta 8 THC, CBG and strain specific terpenes. These cartridges deliver a deliciously enjoyable and effective vaping session!


Or if you are ready to have the highest level of delta 8-mind expansion with energizing and invigorating CBG effects you can dab our Delta 8 – Moonrock Distillate Dish concentrate. You have your choice of five distinct terpene rich flavors of Mint Freeze, Sour Alien, Agent DB, Jack’s Dream and Agent D for a rockin’ dab adventure!


Dosing Delta 8 Concentrates and Flower


When it comes to finding the right dosage of Delta 8 Flower or Delta 8 Concentrates, there is no set dosage. Each person is unique and everyone’s tolerance differs. Therefore you need to start slow when you first try delta 8 concentrates or flower.

The best way to start is to take a couple of inhales and then give it time- wait at least an hour before dosing more, if desired, in the beginning.


Also, as you continue to use Delta 8 Products, depending on the frequency of use, you will build a tolerance and you might find that you choose to increase your dosage for desired effects.


However, always go slow and wait when increasing, so that you can have the most enjoyable delta 8 concentrate or flower feel-good experience!


3 Tall Pines offers the highest quality hemp derived Delta 8 Concentrates and Delta 8 Flower that provide premium effects, health enhancement and well being. 


If you have any questions or would like recommendations, just contact us! Our team is always happy to help!


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