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Do you love smoking delta 8 infused flower?


If so, have you explored the increasingly popular world of Delta 8 pre- rolls?


If you are wondering if there are any differences in delta 8 flower and pre-rolls, you might be surprised to discover some additional benefits and effects that specialty pre-rolls have to offer.


Of course, all delta 8 pre-rolls are not the same and there are some key factors that separate the best from the rest.


Let’s take a look at what are the best delta 8 pre-rolls and how to choose what works for you. 



Choosing The Best Ready To Smoke Delta 8 Pre-Roll Flower


It goes without saying that the quality of the flower in delta 8 pre-rolls is the primary factor for experiencing the ultimate wellness benefits and feel-good effects.


The first thing to consider is choosing delta 8 hemp flower produced from small craft farmers, like 3 Tall Pines Farm in Wisconsin, that are dedicated to cultivating the highest quality homegrown products from seed to the pre-roll in your hand.


3 Tall Pines Farm cultivates craft delta 8 infused CBD and CBG flower that offers a full array of cannabinoid and terpene benefits.



The Joy of Delta 8 Pre-Rolls With An Entourage Of Cannabinoids & Terpenes



Premium Delta 8 Pre-Rolls from 3 Tall Pines offer a choice of CBG and CBD flower infused with delta 8 THC as well as a selection of other infused cannabinoids like HHC and Delta 10.


Our selections of pre-rolls are also brimming with strain specific terpenes that provide the synergy or ‘entourage effect’ of cannabinoids and terpenes that deliver enhanced effects and wellness benefits, just like nature intended.


Our Delta 8 CBD & CBG – 3 Pack Pre-Rolls have both HDT’s (hemp derived terpenes) and BDT’s (botanically derived terpenes) with your choice of Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough CBD flower strains that provide uplifted elation and relief or The White and Sour Alien CBG flower strains that bring elevated mood, release, motivation and clarity.


If you are looking for heightened energy, focus and creativity, our Delta 10 – 3 Pack Pre-Rolls are available in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica strains with strain HDT & BDT specific terpenes.  These superior pre-rolls are available in Green Train & Commander Chem CBG flower and Star Hopper CBD flower, infused with Delta 10 & Delta 8 THC and strain specific minor cannabinoids and terpenes. 


For a special royal treat, you might want to try our fire-packed King Caviar Pre-Roll with Delta 8 THC, CBGa & CBG. This cannabinoid rich pre-roll is sprinkled with premium CBG Kief + Delta 8 making this a lavishly uplifting smoke! 



Browse our unique collection of Delta 8 Pre-Rolls to discover the benefits and effects that work best for you!


For questions or if you would like some recommendations just contact us!    


Our team is always happy to help you have your best Delta 8 Pre-Roll experience!


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