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Are you considering switching your CBD gummy fixation to Delta-8 gummies?


Or maybe you aren’t too sure exactly what Delta-8 Gummies have to offer and if they would work for your needs.


Here is a mini user’s guide to Delta-8 Gummies to help you discover possible reasons to make a switch or give them a try.


A Quick Overview of What Delta-8 Gummies Have To Offer


Delta-8 THC has recently blown into the CBD space like a force of nature that is changing the preference landscape for many routine CBD users. The appeal of Delta-8 gummies doesn’t actually exclude CBD gummy loyalty, rather it enhances it, and here is why:


Delta-8 gummies offer the additional effect of a feeling of euphoria that includes a lifted, elevated mood coupled with motivation and mental clarity. 

Quality Delta-8 gummies also deliver similar physical and mental health benefits as higher concentrations of Delta-9 THC, found in traditional cannabis, yet without the often unwanted side effects, like; paranoia, intermittent forgetfulness, brain fog and lethargy.

Delta-8 Gummies are a hemp-derived product and therefore legal in most states (be sure and check for your local laws and availability)



What Are ‘Quality’ Delta-8 Gummies and How Do I Find Them?


As with any CBD product, the source of the hemp and the growing practices and processes of the farmer that produces the products determine the key to quality Delta-8 Gummies.


Craft hemp farmers, such as 3 Tall Pines Farm in Wisconsin, are dedicated to producing high-end Delta-8 Gummies by overseeing every aspect of production from planting to the product that reaches your hands. 3 Tall Pines Delta-8 Gummies are lovingly crafted with only the finest ingredients for your healthful enjoyment.


3 Tall Pines Delta-8 Gummies are infused with 100% hemp derived homegrown, farm fresh Delta-8 distillate that provides natural health support. They are third-party lab tested for purity and potency, which assures product transparency as well as an outstanding Delta—8 experience.




How Will Delta-8 Gummies Make Me Feel?


First of all, it must be said that everyone’s unique physical and mental body responds differently to anything they consume. However, there are thousands of anecdotal reports of the effects experienced with Delta-8 Gummies that have many consistent similarities.


The most common reported effects of Delta-8 Gummies, when taken in a low dose, are the following:


Full Body relaxation

Pleasantly altered state of perception of surroundings

Deep sense of peace

Heightened creativity and motivation

Mental clarity and focus

Uplifted and energized mind and body


To have the best effects of Delta-8 gummies it is important to find the dosage that works best for your body and current state of mind.


Dosing Delta-8 Gummies For Your Personal Optimum



Delta-8 Gummies, like any edible CBD product, have a slow time-release effect because they pass through the digestive system before being released throughout the bloodstream.


In order to determine the best dose of Delta-8 Gummies always start low and slow, meaning; take only half a gummy to start, wait for at least an hour and see how it effects you before taking any more.


Many Delta-8 Gummy fans find that their dosing needs change depending on how they are feeling at the time, if they are out and about and plan to be in a social situation, or if they are just chilling at home. It’s all good, so why not switch it up and give Delta-8 Gummies a try?


3 Tall Pines Farm Delta-8 Vineyard Dose Gummies are a perfect choice for a measured dose of Delta-8 that features a delicious reduction of local wine simple syrup and premium grade hemp for natural health support. This unique 25 mg gummy is precisely dosed and easy to take on the go or any time!


Go ahead and explore the exceptional 3 Tall Pines Farm’s collection of gummies crafted in a variety of concentrations, sumptuous flavors and pack sizes to meet your individual preferences and needs! 

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