Why Is Delta-8 Seltzer The Best Non-Alcoholic Beverage?

Do you love Delta-8?


Or are you looking for a ‘social’ non-alcoholic adult beverage that gives you a healthy buzz?


Then Delta-8 Seltzer is the brew for you!


So, if you are wondering what exactly is Delta-8 Seltzer and why it is the best non-alcoholic beverage, here’s the dish.   


Staying Healthy, Feeling Social and Having Fun Without Alcohol


Although alcohol pervades our society, there are a growing number of people opting to ditch its negative effects for healthier alternatives.


Hemp-derived Delta-8 is known for producing positive uplifted feelings, motivation and euphoria. It also has many health benefits and is federally legal.


Although there are many Delta-8 products and delivery methods in the hemp space, Delta-8 Seltzer’s recent debut has changed the game for social gatherings, celebrations or just chilling at home.


Now, with Delta-8 Seltzer, it is possible to join the party and enjoy drinking a delicious adult beverage, without the alcohol, that makes you feel spirited, relaxed and ready to have some fun. And the best part is that you will feel great during the party and won’t be hung over the next day!



Not All Delta-8 Seltzers Are Created Equal


As with all hemp-derived products, there are differences in quality of ingredients, different formulations, as well as methods of production that determine the quality and efficacy of the end product. Delta-8 Seltzers are certainly no exception.


In order to have the best Delta-8 Seltzer experience, it is important to know the quality and source of the Delta-8 and other ingredients as well as the brewing process. One of the very best Delta-8 Seltzers comes from 3 Tall Pines Farm of Wisconsin.


3 Tall Pines Farm partnered with Plymouth Brewing Company, a local craft Wisconsin brewery, to create a proprietary Delta-8 Seltzer.


This exceptional brew starts with 3 Tall Pines Farm‘s signature ‘neat & clean’ solventless Delta-8 extract from our farm fresh flower, which is the foundation of our other superior quality Delta-8 products.

With 25 mg per 16-0Z can of solventless Delta-8 resin extract; this outstanding seltzer bestows healthy, pure, potent elation and balancing wellness effects. 


Also, in the spirit of innovation and passion to deliver a unique and effective Delta-8 brew, we also infused two powerfully beneficial ancient herbs, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola.


The natural mood elevating and energy enhancing benefits of Ashwagandha, along with the stress reducing, stamina increasing properties of Rhodiola makes 3 Tall Pines Delta-8 Seltzer a delightful powerhouse punch!


What about taste?


3 Tall Pines Delta-8 Seltzer is formulated with all natural flavorings of Cherry Pie, Blueberry Lemonade, and Watermelon Strawberry.


Each delicious flavor is rich, robust, refreshing and perfectly blended with effervescence for a crisp adult beverage taste! 


You can enjoy Delta-8 Seltzer straight out of the can, in a frozen mug or on the rocks as a cocktail with a lemon or lime twist!


Just sit back, enjoy and experience why Delta-8 Seltzer is the best non- alcoholic beverage!


Go ahead and pick up a 4/Pack of 3 Tall Pines Delta-8 Seltzers and get ready to bring on the ‘Cheers’! 

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